Why Us?


Agnostic Solutions 

One of our principles is interoperability - the ability of a system to work with or use the parts of equipment of another system. When we start talking about solutions spanning dissimilar hardware, equipment, software, media and locations, you need them to be agnostic. This isn't a catch-all but it is a very important step to all solutions we design and implement. We want our partners future ready!


Our commitment to our customers is simple:

  • Deliver best of breed technology solutions and support to corporate IT.
  • Maintain our highest level of responsiveness and efficiency to all partners and clients. 
  • Operate with professionalism and personal integrity 100% of the time.


We have over 22 years of IT experience. System Engineer, IT Administrator, IT Manager, Systems Developer, and a few sales and design roles, just to name a few. From building and managing datacenters, to fixing a printer driver, we do it all. Its true, everyone has to fix printers at some point. We have a unique blend of big iron IT and desktop support. This is what gives us our exceptionality.

Passion for Technology

A passion for technology has been with us since as long as we can remember. It has only grown over the years and is now our business! Do what you love right? Some of the passion comes from how much we love to learn new things. One of our favorite sayings in IT is, "You learn today what you are going to do tomorrow." There is just far too much tech available to know it all. You have to be able to learn fast and understand the need for technology. The progression of technology is another reason: it is always changing, always new. It makes it fresh all the time.