Our Mission

Our mission is to be a technology partner within the community, solving IT needs through one's individual daily life to enterprise business solutions. We will change how you think about IT professionals and substantiate what trusted IT advices can do for you!


Information Technology Principles


We never want to put a customer in the situation in which they require a specific company's support, including WIT. We make best efforts to ensure that our solutions are not proprietary. This allows customers to be future ready and not cuffed by technology. Sometimes it isn't possible, so we make sure we understand and classify it as such. New tools are currently being introduced at a rapid rate, we must make sure that they work together. Silos of data regardless of how they integrate with your company is hard to manage and usually require manual intervention. If we are prepared and have ruled out proprietary solutions the best we can we effectively eliminate it ever being a problem.

Security and Confidence

WIT is very strict with personal information and/or company information. We will not divulge any information personal or corporate without written concent. All security solutions will be standards in the industry.

Foster Innovation

Every company should have an IT philosophy describing technology roles and how technology expectations are required for every employee. A key IT philosophy is 'Technology Skills' and 'Knowledge Growth'. It needs to be encouraged and promoted. What are we looking to get out of this? Never want to hear, "Thats how its always been done" again? Naturally, people will want to streamline processes or tasks and, of course, find downfalls or inefficiencies. By giving everyone expectations and encouraging them to understand the big picture, we give them the ability to suggest change with confidence and that they are solving needs. This is how we foster innovation.

Technology Partners

We believe that trusted IT advisors are required in today's technology world. Putting all the pieces together by making them part of the future (and not part of the past), requires solutions that reflect your business needs. Now that we have that big picture, we mine it and put it to work.

Streamline the User Experience

Ever hear, "Simple is beautiful?" If you are a computer user, you already know this to be true regardless of the level you are at. Our four other IT principles make the user experience the best it can be.