David C. Wade


IT Consultant/Owner

David's first computer was a AST 386/DX 33. At 18 years of age he was given a choice of a used car or a computer. He picked the computer, and never turned back. Over 20 years later the passion is still going strong. Technology continues to push Dave forward and as always he endeavours to adapt and learn. David recieved his first Diploma from SAIT and completed the MCSE + I requirenments. His first IT Job was as a System Engineer for a Value-add reseller downtown Calgary. His most enjoyable designation he ever received was CATE, (Certified Advanced Technical Expert) for IBM AIX Operating Systems. "Training and working with extreme high-end equipment and operating systems was an incredible experience, I remember the first time I had my hands on a $1,000,000 server, and I wont ever forget it." Dave is always up for some computer stories.



Lynne M. Wade


IT Consultant/Owner

Lynne started her career in Information Technology in Calgary, Alberta in 2001 after completing her BSc in Computer Information Systems (she also holds a BA in Romance Languages). She spent 6 years as an Information Systems Administrator in Calgary before branching out independently with the incorporation of WIT Inc. in 2007. Over the following 10+ years, her path would lead to see not only the exceptional support for client networks, but the successful completion of many different projects. Her specialties include process analysis & improvement, accounting software support & integrations, Windows Server and Desktop environments, Microsoft 365 and more. Lynne loves to work with numbers and there is no problem she will not tackle. She looks forward helping you with your custom IT needs!

Personally, Lynne spends much of her time volunteering. She is a community high school volleyball coach and helps run a not-for-profit sports organization. One of her favorite activities is to go hiking along the David Thompson highway with her family and 2 dogs.